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Meet Karen Bowen

Karen was appointed Acting County Clerk in February 2022. She has 10-years of service with the Clerk’s office and has run the Kittitas County Clerk’s day-to-day operations as the Administrative Supervisor since 2015.

The Board of County Commissioners entrusted Karen Bowen to serve as Acting Kittitas County Clerk following the previous clerk’s resignation. The County Clerk’s responsibilities include preserving the integrity of the Superior Court record, clerking court proceedings, evidence and legal document management, and more.

Karen has served the residents of Kittitas County for 15 years, beginning her career in the County Treasurer’s office before starting her tenure in the County Clerk’s office. She was initially hired as a Deputy Clerk and promoted to Administrative Supervisor, the chief deputy to the County Clerk. In that role, Karen ran the day-to-day operations of the office, keeping the office running smoothly despite challenging internal conditions. Karen’s presence as the longest-tenured member of the office provided a critical stabilizing force amid unprecedented staff turnover under the previous clerk.

During Karen’s time in the Clerk’s office, she has been instrumental in several initiatives around transparency, security, and customer service improvements. Her focus has always been, and remains, providing customer service with compassion and dignity to everyone who interacts with the office. She has been instrumental in finding creative solutions to navigate the office and Superior Court through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the resignation of the previous clerk, Karen moved quickly to create a culture of respect and professionalism within the office, implement and cross-train employees on policies and procedures, and create a feedback process to facilitate constant improvement with customer service.

Karen and her husband Tom have seven children and 16 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and tending to her garden during her free time.